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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 15, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. hundreds of acres bun and tomorrow is forecast to be the hottest day so far this year. good evening. i'm ken wayne. >> a red flag warning up tonight with temperatures expected to reach triple digits in the bay area this weekend. firefighters already had to rush this afternoon to contain a fire that burned 300 acres in a sparsely populated area of alameda county. we have team coverage. bill martin tells us about the heat and will walker will join us with a red flag wanning. first we go to eric on the
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frontlines of that wildfire in the east bay. >> reporter: the frontlines of the investigation, investigators have been focusing on the area behind me. we brought another light out here tonight to show you what we are talking about. a pg&e worker said he thinks somebody, possibly a truck hit a phone line. that's the lower thicker of these lines and somehow just maybe that caused these power lines to spark and it could have been enough to start awful the dry brush and grass out here. what started as a small brush fire just outside a park this afternoon quickly spread to hundreds of acres up this hillside and convinced some to the park to get out. >> i saw a lot of smoke. it didn't look good. >> reporter: chopper 2 caught the view from the arias crews cal fire and other local departments rushed to get the fire surrounded and knocked down. even though no homes were immediately threatened, firefighters say they couldn't
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afford to let this fire get away from them. >> the most important thing is safety and it ran more it would maybe run into homes. we want to contain it. >> reporter: we watched crews join fire investigators at the scene. witnesses at a tree nursery think power lines may have sparked the fire. >> power went off just like that. i was working on the computer and everything was dead in the office. somebody looked outside. >> reporter: a lack of wind kept this fire from getting worse but they warn the next 48 hours could be busy in the bay area. >> it'll be warm effort weekend. still going to be dry, expecting windy conditions. very important to be careful with fire. >> reporter: and in the last couple minutes cal fire updated and said this fire is about 90% contained but they expect the crews to stay out all night as a precaution. pg&e said power was knocked out to just four customers in the area but they expect service to be restored with in the hour. we are live in alameda.
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>> and in 19 minutes one family's close call with a grass fire. noelle walker on the evacuation order. >> back to red flag warning has gone into effect in the last couple hours for the north bay. for the hills the north bay. here is how it shapes up. you will see the red areas indicating where the red flag warning is in effect. it'll last until tomorrow morning. red flag warning means winds of over 40 miles an hour, humidity down to 30% and the real story here as we look at current temperatures how hot it'll be. right now in livermore 74 degrees. right now 72 concord, winds right now are doing this. they are coming out of the west president that's a direction that's not bad for firefighters. tomorrow in the hills the winds will be out of the forth northeast. that's a bad direction. we will go to tomorrow's forecast and i will show you which cities will be triple
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digits. see you back here. >> weekend heat wave brings health concerns. people say they are taking precautions to keep cool. >> if i'm dehydrated i get tired so i watch for that. otherwise i just try to prevent it. >> public health officials in santa clara say most people will be okay just by avoiding the peak of the day's heat and by drinking plenty of fluids. emergenciy crews say they are planning for an increase of medical and fire related calls. tomorrow has already been declared a spare the air dame the air quality management district is forecasting unhealthy air for tomorrow because of concentrations of ground levelo zone pollution. people are asked to cut back on driving reduce their energy use on saturday. we have weather information available around the clock. find the forecast for your community online or on your mobile device. >> a popular restaurant in walnut creek is shut down
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because of a unbrake of nora virus. what must be done before the california pizza kitchen can reopen. >> reporter: people are sitting outside but not going into california pizza kitchen in walnut creek. that's because several people who went to a graduation party got sick. yesterday the health department confirmed that at least 20 of those people had the nora virus, the health department shut down the restaurant. >> we started telling them how we wanted them to clean the facility top to bottom. all service,. >> reporter: it's believed one of the employees was sick and spread the virus. >> there was a lack of good personal hygeine, no hand washing. there is a requirement that you have a good sanitizer like bleach to clean with the rags and they had none of that. >> reporter: all the employees will be retrained by the health department on how to properly handle food.
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today the coo of the restaurant said california pizza kitchen took swift and complete action to address the isolated incident. the safety and welfare of the customers is important to us. >> i couldn't come here again probably knowing that -- i have kids. >> it may be in my head but i don't know if i wouldn't come. >> reporter: there is a steam cleaning company out here doing it's work right now. the restaurant may be able too reopen tomorrow. however the health department said they will increase the number of surprise visits to the restaurant. >> and later a warning about shellfish also linked to the virus. that story in 19 minutes. >> and all clear announcement is not expected until tomorrow physicalling a leak of gas at a refinery. the million gallon tank holding sulfur water ruptured this morning at the refinery. news chopper 2 got pictures of
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crews spraying water onto tank too try to release the leak. that can cause headaches and stinging eyes. >> you know hurt the eyes. so i close windows right away. >> health officials warned people with breathing problems to stay inside. the company said it regrets the leak's effects on its neighbors. more details on that. the last incident at the refinery was just two months ago in april. a health advisory was in effect briefly because of a fire there. it burned for 90 minutes. hazmat officials say they ran tests but nothing harmful was released. >> federal arson investigators hope to determine if that massive fire near the west oakland bart station was arson but so far they haven't been able to get a good look at the scene. the fire destroyed a senior center under construction early yesterday morning. it also damaged bart equipment
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and shut down bart's transbay service for nearly 12 hours. fire officials say it appears it started in a back corner of the biling. crews need to shore up what's left of the building before inspectors can go inside to look for evidence. >> in the meantime, we are following up on leads, we are doing interviews, and our goal is to get in and find out what happened. >> investigators say they may not get to look at the rubble of the building until next week. they also want to learn more about three young adults seen in the area by a security guard as well as a man in a late model suv. bart officials say yesterday's fire proves just how important the trains are to the bay area transportation area. 15,000 turned to ferries yesterday to get from the east bay to the city. that's five times more than normal. even more took to their cars and tried to cross the bridge but the crush of extra people
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plus a motorcycle accident caused major delays all day. >> the president created waves today when he issued an order sparing hundreds of thousands of young people from deportation. as rita williams reports he said he wanted to do more but had to settle for this. >> reporter: today the president did what congress didn't. >> makes no sense to expell talented young people who for all intents and purposes are american. >> reporter: now young undocumented immigrant grants won't be deported and can apply for work permits if they came here before they turned 16 or younger than 30, have been here five-years, have no criminal record and graduated from high school or served in the military. >> this is not amnesty, this is not immunity, this is not a path to citizenship. it's not a permanent fix. >> i think the action of the president took today make
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itself harder to reach that long term solution. >> reporter: less than five months before the election latinos cheered the surprise move, republicans blasted it. >> over two thirds of the hispanics voted for him last time but he is slipping. >> reporter: an interruption during the speech also may help. >> it's not time for questions. >> reporter: a reporter shouted why do you favor foreigners over american workers? >> the answer to your question sir and the next time i prefer you let me finish my statements before you ask is this is the right thing to do for the american people. >> reporter: the dean of the school of public property and others say the president's emotional response today shows he still has fire in the belly. in berkeley, rita williams. >> at 10:30 tonight why some local students think the president's action is to little to late. they have taken over an obama
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campaign office to try to prove their point. >> california's unemployment rate improved slightly last month with the bay area helping lead the wait a minute the state's unemployment rate was 10.8% in may. that's down a tick from april's 10.9%. areas with technology jobs showing gain. those areas include san francisco, the peninsula and the south bay. here the unemployment rate improved last month, marin continues to have the lowest rate at 6.3%. in the south bay santa clara is at 8.2, solano had the highest rate at 10.1% in may, down from 10.2 in april. >> coming up next, one shaky step at a time before a huge crowd, one man's attempt to be the first to cross niagara falls on a tight rope. >> and back in ten we talk about triple digit heat.
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what neighborhoods will be the hottest.
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. five schools closed for good today with the last day of classes in the public school system. lloyd is live at lakeview elementary and says families who fought the closures are
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doing a sit in. >> reporter: the sleep in as you can see has now turned in to a sleep in here at lakeview elementary in oakland, grand lake district. some 15 demonstrators staying on campus grounds overnight to protest the closing of the school today. this is a great school to me. there is -- the staff and good people and good -- just a good community. >> budgets and rules to abide by but i still feel like there is -- they are taking things from our children. >> reporter: five school district schools are closing because the district said it needs to save money. >> we need to reduce the number of campus that will free more funds and more resources so we can treat each remaining school better. >> there was no need to close the five schools in my opinion. they have the money. it's just their priorities are --. >> reporter: in lakeview's case 300 students being sent to
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other schools. 14 teachers being sent elsewhere. >> rising class size, had is hurting the most at risk. >> reporter: the protesters say the 98-year-old school is slated to be straight eve district offices. a district said it'll want to wait to see it'll have to remove the protesters from the property. live in oakland. ktv channel 2news. >> the last time you said that lloyd. this is his final night after 35 years of reporting here at ktvu. tomorrow you are retired man. >> reporter: ken it has been my privilege and honor to serve the people of the bay area. thank you for the many years of supporting me. >> absolutely. coming up at 10:30 a story you won't want to miss. some of the biggest news events that lloyd has covered in his long career here at channel 2. when he plans to do next. >> lawmakers had until midnight to pass a budget or
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loose their pay. this afternoon they did pass the budget but despite that ken pritchett reports the budget is still a work in progress. >> no. >> reporter: it was the main budget bill that passed and that's all it took to beat the budget deadline. republicans say what passed was not balanced. >> this plan is another smoke and mirrors gimmick. >> reporter: democrats say this budget balances the books for the next three year was a surplus after that. >> finally, long term fiscal stability. >> reporter: democrats didn't need republican votes to pass the budget because it doesn't contain new taxes. it counts on new tax, it tackles a deficit in part with 8 billion in cuts and $8 billion in new revenue. much of that revenue comes the governor's tax initiative. if voters reject it six billion in cut also trigger most of it from education. >> if we pass the taxes in
11:47 pm
november it gives us every prospect and opportunity to make this the last year of budget deficit in california. >> reporter: republicans argue the budget passed today doesn't satisfy the deadline because there are still more than a dozen trailer bill that won't be passed until next week. >> we will have to control -- also of california take a look at this budget before the governor would get it for signatures and see if it's balanced. >> reporter: there is still much concern. democrats say the remaining bills will be passed next week and onto the governor's desk. the governor vetoed the initial budget plan last year and so far they still don't have a hand shake deal with the governor on this budget plan. in sacramento, ken pritchett. >> more details now on the state budget. there is a chance the governor could veto the budget without even looking at the bill. if that happens, democrats would need republican votes to override his veto.
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california need raise budget in place by july 1st when the new fiscal year start or it won't be able to make may payments to schools. >> new information on a judge accused of elder financial abuse. the judge is free tonight on 52 5,000 dollars bail. he was arraigned today in oakland on 12 felony charges. according to court documents he got power of attorney in 1999 for ann and lee nutting who have passed away. the couple lived across the street from him in berkeley. he was quiet as his attorney spoke for him. >> we have no comments to make and i haven't seen any of the discovery. we haven't had a chance to read the complaint that we just got and have no comments. >> prosecutors say he took over the couple's financial affairs for his own gain. he is expected to enter a plea on july 3rd. >> stock markets ended the week at their highest point in
11:49 pm
a month. the dow gained 115 points, this was the third big gain of this week. investors seemed confident that europe is prepared to lessen the impact much the debt crisis. facebook responded to dozens of lawsuits over its botched ipo. in a court filing the company blamed nasdaq for trading issues during it's first day on wall street. it denied allegation that certain information was shared to banks. they are asking to consolidate the lawsuits. and stock closed 77 for the week for the first time since it's debut. it ended the day at about $30 a share, that is still down 21% from its price of $38. >> it warmed up today. 95 in antioch. 93 fairfield. these are the highs, it was hot. especially inland. it'll be hotter tomorrow. we will gain five to ten
11:50 pm
degrees. the fog, it wants to come into the coast but tomorrow morning may just be -- maybe a few miles off shore. it won't do much. its going right wait a minute a hot day and really hot inland. these purples, representing numbers in the triple digits. lots of triple digits. a red flag warning is in effect right now through tomorrow for the north bay hills and that means the fire danger is going to be very high. it's a spare the air day as well. when i come back at 10:45 we will go right to the forecast. >> well he did it. the dare devil nick walk across the niagara falls on a tight rope. he is the first person to make the walk from the outs to canada directly over the falls. there he is at night. others have done it farther downstream across the river. his sponsors said he had to do it with a tether. he said it took a lot of focus,
11:51 pm
training and prayers. >> and at night too. a warning tonight about shellfish. and dry conditions, a red flag warning in the authority bay. why some are taking the fire danger seriously. >> and unusual step in a jane doe case must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
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. continuing coverage now of the bay area's high fire danger. there is a red flag warning posted for the north bay hills and triple digit heat forecast for the weekend. we are live in marin where precautions already underway tonight. >> reporter: you can tell by the ski jacket it's not hot up here tonight but it is dry and it's expected to get windy and warm here over the weekend and
11:54 pm
that is a recipe for a red flag warning. the north bay's natural ac is turning the dial to heat, tomorrow is forecasted to be the host hottest day of the year so far. that with high winds prompted a red flag warning. >> with drying and the warming trend coming up we are concerned we could have larger fires, and multiple fires. >> and that saps resources. it's an early start to the fire season. >> ran to the back of the house and the entire backyard was covered in smoke. >> reporter: this is what chris saw on the hillside below. thursday afternoon a wall of flames marched up the hill along highway 101 on a bee line to her house. >> we thought that the house was going to go up in flames and we just said grab what you need. >> reporter: flames gutted their neighbor's pool house and singed trees in their own yard
11:55 pm
above the new chicken coop. >> when we came down the heat was so bad that we had to just open the door and ran back up to the house. >> i can't believe the chickens made it. >> i can't believe it either. didn't think they would. >> reporter: the way to close call was an important lesson going into high fire danger weekend. >> when you have three minutes know what you want to pick. >> reporter: the people up here take this warning very seriously. the west point inn closed for the night took its guests to stinson for the evening. also the mountain place stopped selling tickets for tomorrow's show. the show will happen tomorrow they just want to keep crowd small and the traffic light. reporting live. ktvu channel 2news. >> and early morning fire gutted half a dozen businesss in napa. it happened on jefferson street and pueblo. six businesses and a market wiring establishment burned down. a firefighter hurt his knee
11:56 pm
trying to put out the flames. he was taken to the hospital, treated released. investigators are trying to figure out a cause of the fire but say the fire may have started inside a restaurant. >> the battle over thomas kinkaide's estate is going to court. he died in april. his girlfriend claims he left his mansion and ten million dollars to her and produced a barely legal legilbe will to prove it. a court hearing scheduled for july 2nd. >> the fda has issued a health warning about shellfish. coming from south korea. the fda said the shellfish could be contaminated. the alert involves fresh canned and processed shellfish. the fda said that fish may have come in contact with human waste. no illnesses eating have been
11:57 pm
reported this year but there were four cases last year. >> covered it all. tonight lloyd signs off for the final time. we will show you where his 35 years of ktvu have taken him. >> i have flash backs. >> and a fishing trip turns ♪ ♪ ♪
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12:00 am
save her many we don't know what she would want and we hope a family member could help and guide us. >> the woman was struck crossing the street about 11:30 last nurse night. police arrested the driver for dui. she is believed to be in her 70s with gray hair and brown sa they aren't satisfied the president's announcement today to let certain young immigrants to stay in the country. a now is he protest held outside president's campaign office in oakland and inside two people are staging a sit in. one young woman from oakland said she was brought to the united states when she was just six months old. she said the president's action is not enough. >> there is a large portion of the -- that used that won't benefit because there are limitations like age requirements. >> reporter: the two
12:01 am
proactivity -- protesters say they will stay inside as long as possible. >> tonight we are saying good- bye to lloyd who is retiring after 35 years as our south bay bureau chief over the past three and a half decades he has been covering earthquakes, riots and fires here onto 10:00 news. now in honor of his last night on the job we take a look back at his long and accomplished career. > ♪ [ music ] >> the campus of san jose state college. >> reporter: the year was 1968 when a young reporter from san jose state was on the tarmac competing veterans covering a historic protest. lloyd was just 21 years old at the time and among those working for an interview with san jose state students. the two shattered records in the summer olympics in mexico
12:02 am
and raised their fists in a stance against racism. >> i was part of this as a young reporter covering his first big story. it motivated me to follow my dream. >> reporter: he has been a witness to historic events ever since. his reporting duties have taken him around the world. he traveled to the philippines in 1986 to cover another historic event. the election of the first female president. >> how is the campaign going? >> reporter: while there he found some of his own roots and brought us a very personal story. >> i was proudly told stories of how my family was the founding family of a town back in the 1700. >> reporter: in 1992 he also cover the civil unrest in los angeles after four police officers were acquitted on all
12:03 am
charges in the beating of rodney king. >> it had a profound effect on him. i will never forget. >> reporter: lloyd and a photographer went in to the heart of the riots and were caught in the crossfires. >> anarchy ruled the streets today. a war of rage that leave no winners. >> reporter: it helped them catch the sudden change in mood toward people who looked like him. >> to see an american city going newspaper flames like that and where there were no lines you didn't know where he was safe. >> reporter: from man made destruction he has covered them all. in 1995 he went to japan to report live on the aftermath of the quake there. >> >> there are no longer those
12:04 am
in the area. >> reporter: he is considered as the go to guy by his colleagues here and when news breaks city leaders know he will be calling. >> one of the most important broadcast reporters in history of the south bay. >> reporter: through the years he became much more than a highley respected broadcast reporter. he became a role methodder for minorities. >> not just talking to a camera, there are people behind there watching you affect their lives. >> reporter: in the 80s he was important in founding the asian american reporters association. he spent countless hours working with young people who want to break-in to broadcasting. >> the public --. >> reporter: he said his last night on the job will be bitter sweet. >> i think i will feel sadness because this has been my life. >> reporter: now as his career comes to a close, he leaves
12:05 am
feeling full filled given the chance to live his childhood dream. >> such a one of a kind. he said he knows its time to slow down and because he worked the night shift for the past 35 years he said he is looking forward to spending more time with his wife doing traveling and he said even watching tv. >> he is on his way back to the station right now and he will join us at the end of the newscast. also the website has more on lloyd's long career including video and pictures throughout the years. lue find video of him being honored this week. look for the tab at the top of the page. >> it may be the priceyest pc ever sold. how much is the orange apple went for at auction today. >> it'll be a hot weekend. we talked about it. i will show you how hot it'll be. >> in 12 minutes an [ man ] it's big.
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. a jury has ordered an unprecedented $21 million in funnive damages to a woman in a church abuse settlement. the 26-year-old was molested when she was a young girl. the woman said elders at the kingdom hall knew her attacker had previously molested his stepdaughter. she said the church declined to
12:08 am
warn others. the judgement is against the watch tower bible and track society. >> police want your help identitying a bank robber. investigators are hoping you will recognize the man. he robbed a first community bank and a united states bank. both are inside stores. one was last month. the other last week. authorities say the same man is also suspected of robbing banks in san ramone and dublin. he appears to be weight or latino. 35 years old, six feet tall and 220 pounds. another bank was robbed this morning. police arrested a homeless person on suspicious of robbing a bank on webster street. the man in custody -- he doesn't match the description of the robber who held up the other bank. >> one of the kidnapper social security gaining his freedom. the department of corrections said it'll release him later this month but won't say when or where. he spent 34 years in prison for
12:09 am
kidnapping a bus load of children and burying them alive in a truck. he, his brother and fred woods had planned to demand ransom but the children and their bus driver were able to escape. the other two remained in prison. >> in news the world in greece political parties held final rallies. they will vote on if they will stay in the european union and take bailouts, that come with more austerity measures. in the last election six weeks ago results were not conclusionive. in china three astronauts were introduced before they head to space tomorrow. for the first time from there a female. she is 34 and an air force pilot. she and her male colleagues will work on a temporary space station that china put in orbit last year. the mission is scheduled to take about ten days. in spain new tests suggest that
12:10 am
carve paintings are older than first thought. 15,000 years older. the red images and hand prints may be the oldest in the world dating back 40,000 years. experts say the timing means they could have been done by neanderthals. they were found in the 1870s. >> parts for one of the first am computer sold at auction for almost 3 75,000 dollars. the old keyboard tape with the black and white tv monitor belonged to one of 50 original computers. in 1976 the apple won computer sold for $666. it's among about a half dozen still in working condition. it sold in new york to an anonymous buyer. >> some relief at a major traffic bottleneck. >> a new find in a fatal
12:11 am
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♪ woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. . new, its been almost a year since a boat containing fishermen from the bay area went down in the sea of cortes, seven are still missing. divers have found the boat. she is live where friends have renewed hope their it loved ones will be recovered. >> reporter: tonight we spoke to two friends who often sit here at black point. they said almost a year ago a fishing trip to mexico turned into a nightmare. this week they finally found some peace. >> this is -- it was touching the water. >> reporter: gary showed us a photograph of the fishing vessel that he and 26 friends
12:14 am
were on in the sea of cortes when it sank during a storm last year over the 4th of july weekend. still missing are the seven men pictured on this t-shirt. friends they think of often. >> this is the beach town here that everybody was trying to get to. >> reporter: they swam in the shark infested waters for more than 16 hours trying to reach shore. >> i do have flash backs sometimes. >> reporter: this week these two say they received some good news. a search involving the deep sea diver located the sunken vessel. >> i was really happy they found it. i'm hope that the united states government would do something. >> reporter: tonight we spoke by telephone with joe, the stepson of a missing fisherman. he is on his way home from mexico after organizing the successful search. >> it was a satisfying moment. we will be different guest that at home. >> reporter: the next step it to decide whether to salvage the ship in hopes of recovering
12:15 am
their loved ones. the survivors said their missing friends never had a chance because the crew abandoned ship. >> you think all seven are there? >> yeah. yeah. >> yeah. didn't wake them up. >> reporter: the men say they stayed in touch with the the other survivors having developed a bond that few can understand. reporting live in nevado. >> a powerful category two hurricane bearing down on mexico's southern pacific coast tonight. people near the coast are getting ready, boarding up, stocking up and piling up sandbags, a hurricane warning in effect. the outer bands of the storm are loverland. >> a new study suggests part of the high speed rail project that will go through the bay area could create thousands of new jobs. the council economy institute said making modern from san jose to san francisco will mean ten thousand jobs and a two
12:16 am
billion dollar boost to the state's economy. state lawmakers expected to vote next week on whether to use billions of dollars in bonds to start construction on the project. the bee said its stands by an article raising questions about the bay bridge. they rejected the request for a retraction saying the story is supported by exports and caltrans documents, the article published late last month said testing revealed a 19-foot section of concrete in the foundation of the bay bridge had not hardened to the necessary strength. and one of the south bay's most conguested art, ries is getting relief. think celebrated the completion of the road and the improvement project with a ribbon cutting ceremony. the 46 million-dollar overo pass is seven lanes wide with new bike lanes and wider sidewalks. >> marijuana activists set up shop at convention seven forefor a marijuana fair.
12:17 am
they displayed bongs, pipe in hopes of making big sales. tomorrow about 250 feet away teen girl also be competing in the volleyball association tournament. >> they won't be smoking in front of the girls. there is one small regular lated, restricted area outside that's patrolled also. >> a spokesman said you have to be 18 to enter hemp conand that rule will be enforced. >> and it's going be a hot one this weekend. we have been talking about and it's warm right now in the central valley. check out where the reds are. we have 80s, the winds will start coming this way and the heat from the afternoon will start making its way to the bay area. starting right now i noticed the pressure from -- have started to come up and the winds are blowing north. the winds are trying to come out of the east and that will
12:18 am
increase temperatures 91 today in suspecta rosa to 96 tomorrow. 92 today at livermore. 100 degrees tomorrow. it'll be a hot one. probably the hottest of the season. sunday will be cooler. it'll still be hot inland. mid90's. there will be cooling along the coast and around the bay. sot big heat, the spare the air day and the red flag warning, that's tomorrow. as we head toward sunday more of a hot to warm condition. you will find the heat sunday in the valley but it'll be much cooler coast side with patchy fog. high pressure back. the air sinks, warms, dries and the air gets pushed down and squeezed through the canyons and, that's yacht winds are expected to go 35, maybe 40 miles an hour in the higher locations in the authority bay and the east bay. that's bad for fire danger. expect a perfect storm of bad things for firefighters. dry, hot, wind, really -- dry
12:19 am
summer season. the winds are going off shore. the mid70's. low 80's and inland near 100. that's the hottest day. the sunday the fog comes back. it'll still be very warm on sunday. it'll be just not like tomorrow. forecast -- the triple digit heat. air quality, spare the air day, it's not bad but by the end of the day in the lower elevations a lot of particles trapped. if you have asthma or health related problem wases with breathing be prepared. sunday will be better. 80 in san francisco. 84 in san mateo and -- it's 80 address. that's hot. the olympic club will be something to see on tv. something to see in person in the weather couldn't be better. though know that it. they are excited act the next couple days and then the five- day forecast, seems real hot sunday, much nicer for father's
12:20 am
day but still hot toward livermore. >> a warm one all the way around but beautiful when it's like that ins. >> thank you bill. >> fans created gridlock
12:21 am
12:22 am
12:23 am
. excitement was in the air today as the new california adventure park reopened in anaheim. the ceremony caused gridlock as fans flocked to see the improvements. it had a new car's land attraction, cars plant was the final and largest piece of the project. >> fred here to talk baseball. giants and a's. >> they are loving interleague thing. may third was the last time giants pitcher ryan lot of the
12:24 am
game. now -- keep that up and he will make the all-star game for the second straight year. giants were in seattle. he turns 28 today. san francisco has been on a power trip. second inning, posey taking mariners pitcher vargas deep. his 8th home run of the year. ryan, allows two runs, seven plus inning, strikes out six and wins his 6th straight decision. that's a good thing. cabrera keeps campaigning for a all-star spot. proved to be the game winning hit as they win 4-2. they are 10-4. count wait for the bobblehead doll. manny ramirez -- it's released and he got it. he batted 302 but had no homers in just three extra bay hits, it was a strange love affair. a's hosted san diego tonight. the padres in the first inning.
12:25 am
getting hold of this pitch and that's what they call an extra base hill. the 4th trip of the year. crisp, both score. that was just a warm up because the a's score five times in the first inning. moss, moss belts his 6th home run. he has nine runs batted in. who needs manny when you have moss. just three golfers in red numbers, midway point of the united states open while the defending champion, watson and the world's number one ranked player, luke donald all missed the cut. it was a beautiful day at the olympic club. a 17-year-old at one point was the only leader at minus2. no birdies, he chipped in for one here. the 73, plus three overall. four back of the leader, tiger made three straight bogies.
12:26 am
check out the birdie putt on ten. you have to like that. 45-year-old sharing the lead after this birdie. shot an even parr70. he is one under parr, 42-year- old jim furick won in 2003. he make this is birdie from off the green and shot a 69. he shares the lead at 100. tiger can grind with the best of them. he plows out of the big bunker on 18 and then saves par. he shoots an even 70. tried with the 240 something. two better than the rest of the field and that's sports as we see it this friday night. >> all right. a special night for all of us because it's lloyd's last night on the air. we are sad so see you go but excite ford you at the same time. >> let me say, it's a lot more comfortable than being up in the mountains.
12:27 am
>> you are always in the south bay and we are happy to have youor. you have a lot of great things to look forward to. >> he very emotional night. these are my friends here, my family and i will miss them. most of ill all i'm going to miss you out there because in some small way i hope that i have served you and given you the information to help cope with your lives. i will miss all of you and thank you very much. >> a great job over 35 years plus in the bay area and los angeles and been a fixture here and it's just not going to be the same without you. >> it'll. >> we will be in the south bay but be will miss you. >> we should rename highway 17 after you. >> you can have my blue jacket. >> we will miss your hats. all your hats. . >> thank you. >> thank you lloyd and congratulations. >> thank youful. >> and thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> morning on 2 starts at
12:28 am
seven tomorrow with the red flag warning, spare the air day and more. we are always [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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